professionalism, quality and positive contribution

Our mission is to be a permanent example of professionalism and quality !

DMX Construction Company Mission

professionalism, Quality and positive contribution

The fundamental mission of DMX CONSTRUCTION S.R.L is to make a difference by making a positive contribution to community life., being a permanent example of professionalism and quality in the execution of construction works



Based on a fish experience 17 in construction and over 100.000 sqm built, we guarantee the quality of the best services regardless of construction industrial or residential



Because we are a young team, passionate about education, we work with the highest technologies, equipped with high-performance equipment, but also the necessary motivation to achieve and satisfy any requirement in the following areas:

Industrial works
Concrete platforms
finishes / painting
Metal fabrications
paths & pavements
Rainwater drainage
floor reconditioning


Collaborating with numerous companies over the years 17 Years of Experience, we managed to make close connections with them.

We appreciate the partnership with DMX CONSTRUCTION SRL, due to the quality requirements transposed in the executed works, correctness and promptness in fulfilling all assumed obligations.
Istrate Technical Director Emil
The quality of the technical solutions implemented by DMX CONSTRUCTION, as well as their coordination capacity determined us to continue collaborating with them.
Arvind Manohar Verulkar
Managing Director
All stages & the phases described in the project were carried out in time according to the work plan attached to the contract. I declare myself satisfied with the collaboration with DMX CONSTRUCTION
Dr. Ing. Liviu Constantin BALAN


Our organization bases its quality strategy on the doctrine of the four zeros: zero defects, zero delay, zero nemulțumiri, zero complaints.

Hall rehabilitation


Metallic structure - hall


Concrete platform


Realization of parking and roads


Road construction


Rainwater drainage



The most precious dowry of DMX CONSTRUCTION is people; all its own staff, Partnerships, providers, the community; and all this is at the service of our customers


Dan Munteanu

Managing Director

Gabriela Ihora

Legal Adviser

Works completed
Satisfied customers

We guarantee the quality of the best services

whether we're talking about construction industrial or residential

Press release

data: 11.08.2021

Project start announcement: 

The purchase of high-performance equipment to increase the competitiveness of DMX CONSTRUCTION SRL
The "Purchase of high-performance equipment to increase the competitiveness of DMX CONSTRUCTION SRL" project, SMIS code 135981, financed through the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, is implemented by DMX CONSTRUCTION S.R.L. in the city of Vaslui and has a total value of 7.512.425,49 lei, from which 4.440.894,74 lei represents the non-refundable financing.
Regional Operational Program 2014-2020 is implemented nationally by the Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration, as Management Authority, and at the regional level by ADR North - East, Intermediate Body of the program that monitors the implementation of this project in the North-East Region.
The project is expected to take place during 01.07.2021 – 31.05.2023.
The overall objective of this project is: Increasing the productivity and competitiveness of DMX CONSTRUCTION SRL - in the field of carpentry and carpentry works, code CAEN 4332, through the purchase of new equipment necessary for carrying out the activity.

Beneficiary contact details:

Logo DMX_new
Sibiu, Str. tractor, nr. 12, Sibiu county,
Telephone: 0763 723691 , email: [email protected]
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